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Parking Structures and Stadiums and Arenas

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Watson Bowman Acme, a BASF Construction Chemicals business, has provided the design and construction market with industry leading, performance durable expansion joint assemblies which provide solutions for protecting and extending the service life of these structures. Building upon our bridge engineering expertise, and our knowledge of seismic movement, structural behavior and vehicular loading, we are able to provide high quality, high performance expansion control systems that last for the ever-increasing performance demands of the parking structure market. In addition, we provide class-room and hands-on installation training for these systems through our Factory Trained Applicator program - the industry's leading specialty contractor training program.

Parking and Stadium structures also require the same high-performance of the architectural expansion joint with the added requirement of aesthetics, water tightness and fire protection for areas in and around luxury boxes, stair towers, and public use areas within those structures. Add to this, requirements for seismic management and sustainability of the structure, and you need the engineered expertise of Watson Bowman Acme to ensure all project requirements are met - both now and into the future.

Featured Product

Wabo®Seismic SafetyFlex Parking Series

The Wabo®SeismicSafetyFlex system is an elastomeric molded cover plate system recommended for wider joint openings exposed to heavy loading.




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