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Complete Cash Management Solutions for Transport & Parking

Cash management solutions in the transport and parking market must be reliable and easy to use, but beyond that, the requirements will always depend on the locality and the specific application. Only a supplier with the widest range of technologies and expertise can hope to offer a solution fit for every scenario and in every corner of the globe.

As the world’s leading provider of money handling technology, CPI offers the most comprehensive portfolio of cash management solutions in the transport and parking industry. From note acceptors and recyclers to a variety of different coin products, customers can be confident that our solutions are robust and efficient, and that they will deliver the ROI that makes a big difference to business.


Our affordable products provide the following benefits to the City, Operator, or Transit Authority: improving staff safety; reducing cash collection frequency, cash handling and card transaction costs, shrinkage and cash float; minimizing payment device ownership costs, and reliably enabling motorists and riders to pay with what’s in their wallet: cash!

Off-Street Parking

Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) dominates this market with our cash recycling technology.


On-Street Parking

Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) has a range of innovative products for on-street multi-space pay stations.



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