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Walter P Moore is an international company of engineers, architects, innovators, and creative people who solve some of the world’s most complex structural, technological, and infrastructure challenges. Providing structural, diagnostics, civil, traffic, parking, transportation, enclosure, technology consulting, and construction engineering services, we design solutions that are cost- and resource-efficient, forward-thinking, and help support and shape communities worldwide. Founded in 1931 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, our 600+ professionals work across 20 U.S. offices and five international locations.


A high school math teacher told his students "don’t sweat the small stuff” on their geometry final. He didn’t care if they knew the answers. What mattered was knowing how to get them. He told them to take the test home and bring it back the next day. They did. Those who knew where to look and how to use the information aced the final.

We are experts at figuring things out and getting the answers right at Walter P Moore—at least when it comes to engineering the built environment. For more than 80 years, there isn’t much we haven’t tackled, above ground or below. As the aspirations and opportunities of our clients have changed and multiplied, our expertise has grown. As markets and marketplaces have evolved, so have we. As new technologies, new materials, and new delivery methods have emerged, along with new thinking about sustainability, we’ve kept pace or led the way.

Our expertise defines what we do. At the broadest level, we engineer structures, infrastructure, traffic and transportation systems, and provide parking, diagnostics, and technology consulting. Within this framework, our engineers and scientists bring together the knowledge, know-how, technology, and creativity needed to meet the challenges our clients present us. Finding solutions to challenges is the business we’re in. And it’s a passion to us.

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