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Quercus Technologies manufactures and markets technologically advanced solutions based on vehicle identification, which aim at improving mobility and security in parking facilities. Quercus solutions combine our long-experience and know-how in license plate recognition and other computer vision based technologies for smart vehicle detection.

BirdWatch Smart Parking Suite

BirdWatch is acentralized and powerful software platform that integrates sophisticated capabilities based on advanced computer vision technologies. Through seamless integration of software and hardware based-data, BirdWatch provides the total control of the parking facilities, leading to smart parking management and improved security.

BirdWatchprovides Big Data in a clear, orderly and accurate way for real-time decisions and enhances the experience of parking by providing all the means to improve mobility, security and usage, and make informed decisions.

Spot Control Sensors

The Spot Control Sensors developed by Quercus provide license plate recognition at each spot, an improvedparking guidance system and spot video surveillance formaximum vehicle control and security in every parking spot. Our Spot Control Sensors areAll-in-One units with built-in LPRthat perform vehicle detection and license plate recognition inside the unit, fact that guarantees the robustness of our the solution.

Main features :

  • All-in-One sensors with built-in LPR
  • Multiple detection
  • Wide range of LED lights colours
  • Detection based on highly reliable LPR
  • Information managed through Spot Control Capability in BirdWatch

SmartLPR Access

The all-new SmartLPR® Access NA with motorized lens in an All-in-one automatic license plate recognition unit.

SmartLPR® Access NA can recognize the US states marked on the license plates and is one of the few products on the market with a stand-alone architecture. SmartLPR® Access NA provides a web-based setup interface and includes in the same device the digital camera with motorized lens, OCR processor, lighting, I/O and Ethernet, Wiegand output interface and internal white list.


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