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ECO Parking Lights manufactures sustainable, environmentally friendly Low-Energy Fixtures. We embrace the Green technologies of LED, Induction and Fluorescent lighting. As proud members of NPA, the GPC and USGBC, we care about the impact we make on the environment. Reduce your CO2 footprint and save Money by utilizing ECO Parking Lights. Call us today for Financing and for help on EPACT tax credits. Start saving today!

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ECO LED FlexTech™ equipped with FALCON VISION™

The Falcon is the world’s fastest animal traveling at speeds of over 200 MPH while on the hunt. The ECO FlexTech™ equipped with FALCON VISION™ is all about speed. Time is important to you, a valuable resource. The FLEX FALCON™ is your personal assistant…your Concierge. The integral PROXIMITY PARKING GUIDANCE™ (PPG) LED indicator directs you to an open parking spot in quick fashion. A formidable hunter, the Falcon scours the landscape for its prey from high above….so does the FLEX FALCON™, hunting for an open parking space for you. Situated in its "nest” within a parking structure and above its prey, the integral onboard intelligent Hi-De?nition camera system recognizes open and occupied spaces, indicating to the parking client where parking is available. The Falcon is an active learner. The unique and patented FALCON VISION™ technology is the most sophisticated vision package in the market today. Like the bird, the FLEX FALCON™ has exceptional visual acuity and recognizes the di?erences between vehicles, pedestrians and other physical objects.

By locating its nest within the parking garage lighting ?xture, the cost to incorporate FALCON VISION™ into the parking structure is signi?cantly less than traditional parking guidance systems that require a separate and wired power network complete with conduit and costly installation. With the ECO FLEX FALCON™, let your energy and maintenance savings not only pay for your new light ?xture, but also pay for your parking guidance system. That is Efficient, Green, and Justifiaable! Green That Makes Cents®!

Today’s FALCON VISION™ (Mach I) will guide you to open parking spots. Red means occupied, Green means available, and Blue means available handicapped. Tomorrows FLEX FALCON™ (Mach II) will include an integral wireless mesh network FALCON VISION LINK™ to provide accurate space counts within the facility, FIND MY CAR™ feature, reserved PARK BY COLOR™, enhanced security (live and historical), assistance in dynamic pricing, and many more features like PARKING PANIC™ and PARKING SCENTS™

You’ve come to trust ECO Parking Lights with your LED lighting needs via their top rated and top performing ECO FlexTech LED parking fixture. Now, the same ECO FlexTech with FALCON VISION™ will take your parking to new heights and new lights! Like the falcon returning home to its same nest, with FLEX FALCON™ your customers will keep returning to your parking garage where FALCON VISION™ will hunt relentlessly for their parking spot……


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