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500 W. Main Street
Suite 303
Branson, MO 65616

We are where you find parking

We are IPsens and we design & deploy parking management infrastructures. Our systems are built on "best-in-breed" hardware and state of the art software solutions that allow us to provide unmatched scalability, functionality, and performance.

Who is IPsens?

IPsens, LLC was initially founded as Frontline Systems in 1975. We bring close to three decades of experience in designing and implementing integrated parking management systems, starting with the development of the first integrated on-street parking revenues and enforcement system for the world's largest parking meter manufacturer in the early 1990's. Our sales and hardware support offices are located in Branson, MO with our software development offices located in Kalamazoo, MI.

The partners of IPsens, LLC have implemented large scale systems in Parking Enforcement, on-street vehicle occupancy in cities such as NYC and others, and have designed and implemented numerous other integrated data management systems in the Transportation and Security Industries. We currently support 27 cities and universities both large and small. Software developed by us still runs things like:

NYCPD Parking Enforcement System, with over 2000 officers using our hand-held equipment and software to write citations every day.

NYCDOT Parking Meter Maintenance, all on-street parking equipment outages and repairs are noted on our system and the information is integrated with the NYCPD ticket issuance process.

NYCDOT Coin Counting, all collected coin revenue is sorted, counted and reconciled with meter collections using our system.

NYCDOT Parking Availability pilot implemented in January 2012, using Nedap parking sensors which have survived 3 tough winters in very marginal road conditions.

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  2. iPro
  3. Lot Watch
  4. Commercial Parking
  5. Corporate Parking
Visit our website: ipsens.net/
IPSens, LLC | 500 W. Main Street Suite 303 Branson, MO 65616 | 888x-705x-1196
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