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4904 Eisenhower Boulevard
Suite 150
Tampa, FL 33634
Walker Parking Consultants

With changing markets and clients that desire new services, WALKER has evolved as a firm since 1965.

Our evolution over time has led to the growth of services other than parking, and our clients continue to urge us to help them with an ever-wider range of consulting services. In response to those requests, WALKER is taking a more holistic approach to our clients’ mobility issues by expanding our in-house planning capabilities; consulting on the impact of autonomous vehicles and ride hailing services; and expanding our Forensic Restoration and Building Envelope consulting services. At the same time, we are refreshing our brand to reflect this wider expertise and the changing transportation landscape.

WALKER CONSULTANTS allows us the opportunity to explore a universe of possibilities and better provide you, our valued clients, with the services you need.

WALKER has over 300 professional, technical, and administrative staff located in twenty offices in the United States and one office in the United Arab Emirates.

Atlanta, GA

Randy Carwile / 317.670.9106

Ann Arbor, MI

Rick Klein / 734.663.1070

Boston, MA

Art Stadig / 617.350.5040

Charlotte, NC

Joey Rowland / 704.247.6230

Chicago, IL

Dave Ryan / 312.633.4260

Dallas, TX

Casey Wagner / 469.917.5968

Denver, Co

Bob Stanley / 303.694.6622

Dubai, UAE

Jim Dib / 971.4.277.5969

Elgin, IL

Dave Ryan / 847.697.2640

Houston (East), TX

Casey Wagner / 281.280.0068

Houston (west), TX

Al Bustamante / 281.280.0068

Indianapolis, IN

Todd Lohman / 317.842.6890

Irvine, CA

Dan Johns / 213.488.4911

Kalamazoo, MI

Rick Klein / 269.381.6080

Los Angeles, CA

Dan Johns / 213.488.4911

Minneapolis, MN

Scott Froemming / 952.595.9116

New York, NY

Carrie Krasnow / 212.288.2501

Philadelphia, PA

Jim Pudleiner / 610.995.0260

San Francisco, CA

Casey Wagner / 415.644.0630

Seattle, WA

Vlad Ivanov / 206.745.9555

Tampa, FL (headquarters)

Gary Rider / 813.888.5800

Washington, D.C.

Kirby McCleary / 202.763.8979

Visit our website: www.walkerparking.com/
Walker Parking Consultants | 4904 Eisenhower Boulevard Suite 150 Tampa, FL 33634 | 800x-860x-1579
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