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2828 N. Haskell Ave
Dallas, TX 75204
Xerox Parking & Mobility Solutions

Parking is only the start of your journey

Our goal is to deliver intelligent parking management systems that not only optimize your parking programs but also deliver convenient solutions for drivers. From smart parking integration to violation processing to meter operations, we can help you reduce costs and street congestion. By integrating technology with our proven strategies for efficiently managing programs, you’ll gain powerful results for your organization.

Making parking less of a pain.

Parking management systems present serious challenges for city governments. Cities incorporating a variety of technologies, products and services from multiple third-party vendors are tasked with the time-consuming challenges associated with managing various vendors. At times, these vendors may have competing incentives or interests. Parking solutions are complex but, for your customers, parking should be simple.

  • How do you improve available parking?
  • Can you streamline customer service with convenient payment options such as Web and phone interfaces?
  • How do you maximize revenue from parking enforcement efforts?
  • Can you reduce traffic congestion?

These questions can be difficult to answer, and we want to help you get the most out of your parking program, whether on-street or off-street. As an integrator, we’re able to combine multiple functions into a single responsibility center for improved performance. We can increase your efficiency and help you answer questions you haven’t even asked yet.

We offer seamless and convenient parking management systems for motorists that result in increased turn-over, decreased congestion and improved productivity of the overall parking program.

  • Violation processing: enterprise level or off-the-shelf
  • Meter, sensor and off-street revenue collection systems
  • Operations powered by Merge™ parking management system
  • Managed receivables and collections
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Xerox Parking & Mobility Solutions | 2828 N. Haskell Ave Dallas, TX 75204 USA | 877x-414x-2676
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