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40961 Production Drive
Harrison Township, MI 48045
Par-Kut International, Inc.

Parking: Booths for Every Purpose

Par-Kut International has been designing, manufacturing, and delivering high quality steel booths since 1954. While many of our competitors have begun introducing new product lines which stray from the core products, we have stayed true. We only produce the finest in portable pre-manufactured steel and aluminum buildings.

Parking booths for parking lot attendants, garage cashiers and toll plaza operations require a specific set of features. Par-Kut has honed the design for parking cashier booths to a high quality, multi featured building that is both functional and long lasting. These parking booths are built to order and built to last.

Valet parking is a true touch of class for many businesses and the level of convenience offered to customers will keep them happy. A proper valet booth shelter from Par-Kut is attractive and offers protection from the elements, easy access to customers, and adequate space for key storage. Large scale operation? No problem! Par-Kut manufactures portable steel buildings up to 12' x 32' with or without restroom facilities.

Welded galvanized steel valet booths and shelters stand up to the elements as well as the rigors of daily use by fast moving valets. Heat are standard features. Air conditioning and tinted glass are available as well as a whole host of style options to enable the designer to fit the valet booth in with the surrounding architecture. Options for cash handling can further customize the booth to suit a particular location’s needs.

Give Par-Kut a call or send an e-mail today to learn more about a smart investment in a portable steel building.

Parking booth's with slide gates & barrier gates

When designing the parking booth for a particular gate or entrance, it will be important to inform the booth sales consultant how the booth is situated. For example, is there traffic on both sides of the parking booth, or is it off to one side? Is there a need for the attendant to communicate out of both sides of the control booth? If it’s a full time, all day parking lot, is a restroom required? Are there any particular building code issues peculiar to your location? Are there any special architectural features you want to incorporate in the parking booth? Since all Par-Kut buildings are built to order and are made one at a time, the design options are endless. Or, you can simply specify a standard model size and style, select a few options, and leave the rest to the team at Par-Kut International.When the time has come for a new parking control plan, or it’s necessary to update an existing parking lot or garage, quite often it includes a factory assembled parking booth and either swing gates or slide gates, or pop up barriers. The type of gate is typically mandated by the type of traffic; visitors, parking patrons, vendors, etc. Also, what level of security and how many hours per day the parking control booth will be staffed?

To assist with controlling gates and coordinating other parking controls, Par-Kut can build in conduit wire-ways and pull boxes to prep for the site electrician to utilize within the parking booth. This allows for a cleaner finished product. These preps can be provided for intercoms, card readers, gate controls and customer fee displays. Larger floor slots and additional floor slots for incoming and out going conduits are also common in a parking booth.

A parking booth, cashier station or ticket booth requires certain equipment to allow transactions. These modifications usually include some sort of a sliding window, electrical service for a fee computer and to power the parking gates, a built in countertop or shelf to physically accommodate the revenue control computer, traffic lights or signage, phone and data preps and perhaps a money drawer or a floor safe.

Any Par-Kut parking booth can be made code compliant if there is ample room on your island. The available budget will determine the final size, style and features. You make the call and Par-Kut International will do the rest. Built to order & Built to last!

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