Mutual Parking Management Corp.

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337 East 64th Street
Main Floor
New York, NY 10065
Mutual Parking Management Corp.

Your Car. Our Driver.

City Valet is the Smartest Way Around Town

Let us help you make your life less hectic. Our driver can pick up your car, then pick you up and take you where you need to go.

Why Use City Valet?

  • We assist in making your life a lot less hectic.
  • When you have errands to run in the city, you already know it is almost impossible to find a spot on the street and parking in various garages can be very expensive.
  • If you must go out on a rainy day, it is extremely difficult to successfully hail a cab. How simple it would be to have your driver waiting for you whenever and wherever you need your car!
  • Our rates are very reasonable.
  • Our chauffeurs are experienced, courteous, responsible, discreet and knowledgeable of local streets.

Airport Pick-ups and Drop-offs

What could be more convenient than having your chauffeur waiting for you in front of your building when you are going to the airport or waiting for you outside the airport terminal as you land? No need to stand on long lines for a taxi– you will ride in the comfort of your own car.

For those of you with young children, sitting in their own, cozy car seats will make your airport trip much less stressful than a cab or car service.

Owning a car in New York just got a little less stressful.

Visit our website:
Mutual Parking Management Corp. | 337 East 64th Street Main Floor New York, NY 10065 | 212x-327x-0500
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