Park Plus, Inc.

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83 Broad Ave
Fairview, NJ 07022
Park Plus, Inc.

Parking Solutions for High Density Urban Living


ParkPlus is the leading provider of automated and mechanical vehicle storage solutions.


Our vehicle storage systems provide a holistic appraoch to efficient parking design.


Real Projects. Real Customers. Real Experience. For half a century.


Innovative Parking Solutions Since 1969

PARKPLUS designs, installs, manufactures and maintains our patented solutions for Automated Vehicle Storage and Retrieval Systems (AVSRS), Car Stackers® and Display Units.

Our experience in creating cutting-edge products and executing the most complex projects is unparalleled. It’s why many world-renowned companies are our clients and include giants like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Central Parking (SP+), Icon Parking, The Related Companies, Tishman Speyer, Snapchat, Apple Beats and New York University.

PARKPLUS was established almost 50 years ago, our experience is based on a multitude of international projects spanning half a century.

Visit our website:
Park Plus, Inc. | 83 Broad Ave Fairview, NJ 07022 | 800x-966x-5509
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