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4302 Marquis Place
Woodbrige, VA 22192
SunTrust Merchant Services

First Data in partnership with SunTrust Merchant Services, your business will always be ready.

In today's ever-changing marketplace, offering multiple payment options is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. SunTrust Merchant Services offers a suite of solutions that allow you to accept various types of payment—in-store, online, through a mobile device—and whatever the marketplace demands next.

Our goal is to help you reach yours.

The partnership between SunTrust Bank and First Data Corporation stemmed from a common goal: to help business owners maximize their potential. With strengths in different areas, it's a goal we can achieve better, together. Powered by First Data's innovative and extensive product portfolio and unparalleled expertise, we are SunTrust Merchant Services, a leading provider of payment solutions. And though our goals might never change, we understand that yours might.You can count on us to always have the products, services and solutions to reach your goals—current, short-term and even those to come.

We are excited to bring you Small Business Solutions, a complete offering that meets the most pressing needs of small business owners. These solutions allow you to take advantage of the latest technology to better understand your business, help it grow - or just make more time to focus on what you love. And when combined, they are even more powerful.

You want every customer who walks through your door to have a seamless and simple buying experience. But if your customers can't pay how, when and where they want, you might fall short at the most critical part: completing the transaction. With Suntrust Merchant Services provided by First Data, we have it covered with our in-store solutions.

When your business takes you directly to customers, whether it’s tableside, in a check-out line or at trade shows, festivals or in-home parties, we have solutions that make their purchases easy and assist your business. From a high-powered portable business system that helps manage daily operations to mobile options that provide affordable and secure payment processing, you’ll be able to serve your customers confidently wherever they are.

We understand that the needs of your customers, and your business, are constantly evolving. That’s why we offer a range of innovative solutions specific to your trade. We can help you win new customers, build customer loyalty, attract repeat business, create efficiencies, as well as offer your customers convenient and safe purchases.

Now, more than ever, an online presence with quick and secure payment processing capabilities is vital to the success and growth of your business. We can help you stay on the cutting-edge of online sales with our seamless ecommerce solutions. Our solutions will open your business to an entirely new audience and help you stand out in today’s ever-changing marketplace, so your business can reach its full potential.

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SunTrust Merchant Services | 4302 Marquis Place Woodbrige, VA 22192 USA | 443x-769x-8343
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