PIMS™ – Parking Intel and Management System

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4895 S. Atlanta Rd. SE
Suite B2
Atlanta, GA 30339
PIMS™ – Parking Intel and Management System

PIMS™ Parking Intel & Management System is specifically designed to interface with the Signal-Tech RedStorm™ Parking Guidance System. RedStorm is a differential count system that provides real time space available counts to digital LED signage directing vehicles to available parking spaces in a quick and efficient manner, thereby reducing driver frustration, traffic congestion and vehicle emissions. PIMS was created to provide the same real time data to parking administrators, operators, facilities management and security personnel via a single PC workstation, computer network or push the data to any mobile device utilizing a fast response URL and cloud based subscription service.

  • Display real time data on your PC/network
  • Adjust physical sign counts from your PC
  • Provides visual status of all lots/decks in graph form; select from pie charts, bar graphs & more
  • Deploy/Export count information in CSV format for custom report design/data manipulation
  • Stores statistical data in SQL Express database for easy retrieval and manipulation
  • Automated email alerts – hourly count status or Lot/Deck Full alerts
  • Communicates with up to 255 count signs; static and variable messaging signs
  • Optional - ability to export count info to a third party interface via SFTP
  • Optional - network version using TCP socket connection
  • Optional - PIMSàlaCloud subscription service

For additional information please contact cramZ marketing services, Inc. via phone at (770) 529-1040 via email at sales@cramzmarketing.com

Visit our website: www.pimsalacloud.com/
PIMS™ – Parking Intel and Management System | 4895 S. Atlanta Rd. SE  Suite B2 Atlanta, GA 30339 | 770x-529x-1040
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