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3963 Catawba Street
P.O. Box 6876
Toledo, OH 43612
Toledo Ticket Company

For more than 100 years, The Toledo Ticket Company has produced tickets including bar-coded tickets and magnetic-striped tickets, hand-issued, multi-part valet, pay & display, pay-by-space, and spitter tickets for thermal/nonthermal revenue control. Check out our RFID tags! Great for college and university parking and credentials for improved security, convenience, meeting Green mandates, and they're very cost-effective. Need access or debit cards, scratch-off tickets, monthly hangtags, plastic/vinyl hangtags, decals or window/bumper stickers? We’ve got them all and more.

We now have single use luggage tags in both vinyl and paper, and LED luggage tags so you can always pick your luggage out of the crowd.

We're certified by most parking equipment manufacturers and provide ticket products in all 50 states and over 30 countries. Print nine colors at once and improve your profitability!

Visit our website:
Toledo Ticket Company | 3963 Catawba Street P.O. Box 6876 Toledo, OH 43612 | 1x-800x-533x-6620
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